TC Powerlifting serves the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC metro area and surrounding states, as well as across the US.

TCPL Services

​TCPL is dedicated to enhancing an individual's athletic performance; increasing their knowledge of the sport of powerlifting using safe and effective strength and conditioning protocols.

Individualized Online Programming  | Coaching, Meet Preparation | Meeting Goals | Competitors or Individuals Looking to Get Stronger

- Online - anytime from anywhere

- USAPL - USA Powerlifting Certified Coaches 

- Training philosophy based on practice of the three main lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift) with accessory work added on.  

​Online Coaching and Programming

TCPL's approach to online powerlifting programming is that YOU meet your goals around YOUR schedule. Our athletes are provided with customized programming to help them reach their goals and perform at an optimal level.

This online coaching program provides:
- An initial assessment, 

- Goal-setting

- Individualized online powerlifting programming

- Video analysis of training

- Weekly communication between the coach and athlete 

- Meet day strategy

Meet Day Coaching

​​​Gain meet day confidence with our professional and experienced coaches by your side. TCPL coaches will be at your meet from start to finish - FOR YOU. Whether you are one of our athletes, a self-trained athlete, or someone working with another coach, we can assist you the day of your meet with coaching and execution.

This program provides:
- Meet day strategy

- Coaching during competition

- Warm-up and attempt selection 

​* Note: Meet day coaching prices vary. Location and duration will be factored. | 703.507.0208