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Meet Day Prep and Meet Day Coaching

Receive personalized online coaching that includes an assessment, goal-setting, individualized programming, video analysis of training, and weekly communication between the coach and athlete (via weekly check-in and consultation.)

​TCPL is committed to creating superior individualized online powerlifting programming that breaks the mold of templated, simple strength-training programs. We are dedicated to enhancing our athletes athletic performance and knowledge of the sport of powerlifting using safe and effective strength and conditioning protocols. We use a trusted and evidence-based application of exercise science to help our athletes achieve and exceed their powerlifting goals in a way that is practical and safe. We are dedicated to informing and educating our athletes.

Online Coaching and Programming

Receive a personalized training program to prepare you for competition. TCPL coaches will be at your meet from start to finish. Whether you are one of our athletes or are a self-coached athlete or work with another coach, we can work with you on warm-ups and attempt selection.